The 3 Lessons That Helped One Guy

Lose Over 66 Pounds in 6 Months

Without Calorie Counting or Trying to Eat Less.

Hi. I'm Alexander Heyne, author of "Master the Day"

I'm the author of several books on weight loss, habits, and living a better life. I'm also the writer (and video creator) behind Modern Health Monk - and this course is my introductory course on principles that thousands of students have used to lose weight and live a better life.

What Every Weight Loss Coach Doesn't Want You To Know

I have a good friend named Lamine.

Recently, he was stressing out about his health.

He took a new job that required him to travel a lot and be in his car. Unfortunately, this new job also involved lots of down time.

Having a nice, big meal made him feel great when he was bored, or after a long day of work - at the end of the day, food was always there for him to make him feel better.

Because of the nature of his work, the constant travel, the lack of movement, the new environment, and not having fixed times of the day to eat, he was constantly snacking.

He took the assignment in the summer, and by christmas he had already gained over 30 pounds.

He began to get chronic migraines, couldn't drag himself out of bed and had some persistent ankle pain that just wouldn't quit.

The real kicker came when he visited his doctor for a routine checkup and found out that at age 28 he already had high blood pressure and was on the long road to illness.

Naturally, He Had a Big, Burning Question

Lamine next did something he had never done before.

He went to the market, and started reading every single label on the food in the store.

But he had no idea what in the heck he was looking for.

So he went home, and did what anyone would do: he went to Google.

And then he made, quite possibly, the worst mistake in his life. He googled "what foods do I eat to lose weight?" This is how many search results showed up:

Wow. Uhhh.

He clicked on the first result.

It was a scammy looking article on "how to lose weight fast" that encouraged him to count his calories and keep them below 1500.

He went back to google and searched again.

This time it was a site run by an M.D. This doctor told him to eat lots of protein to stay full, and avoid wheat and dairy.

That was weird.

The last article told him just to eat less, but not what to eat less of.

He went back to square one.

This time it was a nice looking woman who encouraged him to be ethical and turn to a mostly plants and carb diet and encouraged him to avoid all animal foods.

"Look how much weight I lost. Over 75 pounds just by juicing!"

That's when he quickly realized that there were an insane amount of choices... and he had no clue which person to trust.

So he did what most of us do - he promptly closed the internet and took zero action.

Ever Feel Like This?

"What Should I Actually Be Eating in Order to Lose Weight?"

There are an insane amount of 'experts' out there today, a new diet every week, a new magical 'revolutionary, fat burning program.'

It makes you want to tear your hair out thinking that you may stay this way forever - never being able to truly lose weight or know what to actually eat.

"What on Earth Should I Really Be Doing To Lose Weight?"

Sometimes you find yourself doing countless ab exercises or buying infomercial products to lose belly fat or get closer to your weight loss goals.

But then you read an article saying that, despite exercising more and more, we're getting bigger and bigger.

How's that possible?

You know this all too well from your own experience, pushing yourself in the gym (but not really getting closer to your goals).

"It's Tiring Keeping up With All These 'Miracle Fat Burners' and Weight Loss Miracle Products."

How on earth is it possible to have a new, revolutionary product every few years on the market - where do they get all these things from?

This is probably one of those things that's going to get recalled in a few years because it ruins your kidneys or something.

There's no way that one diet, pill, plan or guru will work for everyone.

You don't agree with the idea that there could possibly be a "one-size-fits-all" approach that really works for everyone.

"I've Failed SO Many Times Before... Is it Even Worth Trying This Again?"

At the end of some days you just want to give up and quit, eat the dang donut and just enjoy your life.

You figure, "i've failed my entire life the point of me trying again? I'm just going to fail all over again."

You wonder if it's even worth beginning over again, and decide that you should just "eat what you want and least be happy."

Well, There Are 3 Big Mistakes We Make on The Road to Losing Weight and Feeling Awesome

MISTAKE #1: We're counting calories and wondering how much we should be eating.

Here's something that most people don't know: When you focus on eating the right foods, it's very hard to over-eat in terms of calories.

Before I give you some cool scientific proof of this, let me use an analogy you might already be familiar with.

Is it possible to overeat on salad?

Really, imagine yourself eating a huge salad. You eat it, and you feel absolutely stuffed. How many calories was it? 300? 500 tops?

Another analogy: a huge steak. You eat it and it feels full and heavy, right? You’re stuffed (unless you went out to eat at a restaurant)

Yet another example: Cookies. You’re off work, it’s a winter night and you’re sitting cozy - and you polish off about ten oreos. Easily. And you still have room for plenty more.

How many calories was that? 600. That’s an entire meal. And it barely left a dent.

The truth is that when you focus on eating the right stuff, you also focus on the things that leave you fuller, with fewer calories.

MISTAKE #2: We're looking for the "perfect diet for us" - but it actually matters a lot less.

Researchers did a surprising study to see which diet was best.

The study took 181 overweight women and put them on one of several popular weight loss diets, and wanted to compare the weight loss after 12 months.

Guess who lost the most weight?

The people who actually adhered to the diet. Duhh!

The only link between who lost weight the most wasn't the diet... but who actually did it.

The researchers concluded, "These results suggest that strategies to increase adherence should be more of an emphasis than the specific macronutrient composition of the weight loss diet itself in weight loss."

It's not about "which" diet - it's how to stick with it that matters.

MISTAKE #3: We think that ab exercises and workouts are the fastest way to lose belly fat, but they aren't.

The truth though is that your food – and not exercise – is the main way to lose weight and keep it off.

The reason is, in part, pretty logical.

You can inhale 200 calories worth of oreos easily, right? You know how much running that would take?

1.5 miles worth of running.

Now just imagine you also had another 200 calorie coffee, and then a soda.

Now you’re up to 600 calories, and you’d already have to be running 4.5 miles a day, not to mention you’d still have all the poor nutrition from eating junk.

It’s almost impossible to out-exercise bad nutritional choices, unless you're a dedicated gym rat.

The 60 Pound Habits: The Two Key Lessons Learned Losing (And Keeping Off) Weight

Habit #1: People Focus on "What" They Ate, Not "How Much"

The Single Mother - Lauryn Lost 75 Pounds in 6 Months

Word for word, Lauryn said:

“Sure there is a period of withdrawal that feels like hunger, but here’s the thing; when you’re hungry, you should eat. I have never felt like I had to starve myself to lose weight. I changed the food choice, not the intake.

She literally did not force herself to count calories or eat less food. She focused on the right foods, which are naturally filling and naturally lower in calories. So you feel full, WHILE eating less.

The Busy Businessman - Lamine Lost 66 Pounds in 6 Months

In my interview with Lamine he said:

“I didn’t focus on calories - I focused on the composition of the food - the notorious ones where you find a high amount of sugar and carbs together (like candy bars, refined flour was my 1st enemy)."

Once again he didn't focus on specifically reducing calories, and he wasn't hungry. He just ate meals naturally and stayed within a normal range.

Habit #2: People Who Lose the Most Weight Focus on FOOD... Not Exercise

Food is the most important - to lose weight, lose belly fat, increase energy, reverse disease and improve your health. Check out this one study done in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2009.

The participants exercised five hours a week (5), for 12 weeks (3 months), and then their weight loss was measured.

After 12 weeks, 50% of the participants had lost 5 pounds. Not that much.

But what’s even scarier – 50% of them lost only 2 pounds. Just to put that in perspective, that’s 30 hours of exercise per pound lost.

And 2 pounds by the way isn't a lot - you can run around on a hot day playing soccer and drop 5 pounds in water weight.

This just illustrates a truth that every health professional knows – you lose weight mostly through diet.

Lamine lost 66 pounds with minimal exercise. Lauryn lost over 100.

So... What Should I Really Be Doing?

What if you had a series of step by step videos showing you exactly what to eat to look and feel amazing?

What if it worked even if you're paleo, vegetarian, or vegan (you don't need to change your main diet)?

What if you had debunked all the myths and all the BS?

What if it was simple, straight-forward, cut to the chase, and then left you to make the decision yourself? 

And what if you had *perfect clarity* as to what to eat - not specific things you were forced to eat - but simple principles you could apply every day while eating?

And how much easier would it be to dramatically change what your body looks like, and how you feel?

I've put these basic principles into a beginner nutrition course - called Eat More Lose More.

Inside the Eat More Lose More Nutrition Program

Eat More Lose More is designed to answer that one burning question: What on earth do I ACTUALLY eat to lose weight?

If you've ever been insanely confused by the ridiculous amount of "diet experts" and diet guides out there, this is to set it all straight and go from confusion ==> clarity.

The program dispels myths ("do ab exercises actually give you abs?"), helps clear up some BS ("does eating more often increase my metabolism?"), and gives you a clear, straightforward "lifestyle" guide to understand what exactly to eat for healthy weight loss.

  • 24/7 Access to Me

    Each lesson has a direct way to leave feedback underneath the video, where I will directly answer any questions you have 24/7

  • HD Video Lessons

    The entire course is digital and video. You can access it anytime, from anywhere in the world.

  • Complete Lifestyle/Diet and Habit Guide

    Included in the program is a printable, complete “lifestyle guide.” It summarizes the key training points in the program, and gives examples of what to eat so you are never confused.

  • Lessons Available on Computer, Mobile, or Tablet

    You can access the lessons anywhere in the world on any device.

  • Group Support and Accountability

    You also get lifetime access to my “10x your life tribe” a weight loss and goal improvement private Facebook group.

Sal Lost 25 Pounds During a Challenge

Stanley Lost 15.4 Pounds in 6 Weeks

Inside the Eat More Lose More Nutrition Program

Natalie C. From Connecticut Lost 11 Pounds and Toned Up For Her Wedding

"It really helped me understand which foods fix cravings and boost metabolism..."

Shannon and Her Husband Lost 17 Pounds in the First 3 Weeks

"Already down 6 pounds and feeling good..."

"Okay, so 150 was pre-pregnancy, but I have not been BELOW 150 pounds in about 10 years! Huge win for me!"

Shannon, M.
Shannon, M. A Modern Health Monk Student

"I had put on a few kilos last year & whatever I tried I could not lose it. It was always on my mind & was affecting my life. After reading your emails I don't even worry about my weight any more and have lost a couple of kilos... I can also fit into a pair of jeans that were too tight last year - I am very happy with the lifestyle I have now, thanks to you."

Cathy, A.
Cathy, A. Modern Health Monk Student

Plus, You'll Also Get These Bonuses as Part of the Program

The Food Frameworks Lifestyle Guide

As part of the full program, you get an introductory guide to help you know exactly what to eat, when, and how much, to help you reach your goals.

Habit Downloadable Cheat Sheets

It's hard to keep track of all the little loose ends - how to start habits, how to stick with habits, the basic principles of habit change. Rather than giving you an endless list of things to do or avoid, this is a one-page habit principle cheat sheet to help you stay focused and on track, anytime you lose steam.

Based on my experience with thousands of Modern Health Monk students, and millions of readers, I've included a very simple guide to help you know exactly what to eat and what not to eat - the world's simplest, 1-page guide. Never sift through a massive file of information or recipe book wondering what's "legal" and "illegal" to get results.

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LIf you don’t absolutely LOVE this program, I want to give you your money back. Look, the vast majority of people in the health industry try to show you some “revolutionary” B.S. But the truth is that weight loss is pretty simple (not easy), and anyone who tells you differently is a liar or is trying to sell you some stupid ab wheel. If this program doesn’t give you EVERYTHING you need – all the answers – I’ll give you all your money back. Just shoot me a quick one-line email anytime in 60 days and I’ll give you your money back.

Real Results From Real People

"I used to go to McDonald's and binge eat when things weren't going well..."

Madison started to overcome her lifelong binge and emotional eating.

"I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight.. from 10 years ago."

Shannon and her husband combined lost over 70 pounds with these principles.

Based On The Habits I Learned Doing Research For My First Book

When I wrote my book "Master the Day," I initially interviewed people that lost over 100+ pounds and kept it off years later. However, unlike most people, I asked what these people's habits were rather than just asking what they ate every day. What I found was interesting.

Join The Course Today Only $99 $47

This one time payment gets you access to the course for life, including free upgrades, the private Facebook group, and email access to me. There will never be any additional charges. In case you have any questions or issues you can email for a same-day email response.

"For the first time in a long time, I have seen some results on the scale."

  • I have for the first time in a long time, seen some results on the scale. In the last 1.5 to 2 weeks… I have lost about 5-6 pounds. But also I was thinking I lost a whole lost more because of how I feel. I feel lighter…my stomach feels flatter… I used to go down stairs kind of on one leg at a time holding onto the rail. This morning.. right down.. one foot after another. Very encouraging.
    Mike, H Modern Health Monk Student

P.S. If you continue going down the path you’re going now, will your life be any different a year from now?

You may look yourself in the mirror every night and say “tomorrow will be different!” but is it really ever different?

Imagine how much different your life could be a year from now if you took action today.

Imagine if every single day you wake up, and know exactly what to eat to make you feel fantastic - loaded with energy and confidence.

And imagine if there were no surprises - you already knew exactly what to do to lose weight, and it was clear as day, you just needed to apply it.

No more guess work, no more trying to find the "best diet" to lose weight. No more wondering about whether or not the ab roller works to get a flat stomach.

If you continue on the path you’re on now, will your life be any different a year from now? Will those 10, 20 or 50 pounds that you’re trying to lose still be there?

Will you still struggle every day knowing that you need to change... but doing nothing about it? The only way we improve our lives is through action – “tomorrow” really means “someday” which really means never.

Tomorrow never comes. Think about the dreams you've had since you were a child. Are you living them now, or planning to do them "some day over the rainbow?"

How many years have passed with you thinking like that?

So let me ask you this: if you’re telling yourself “Ehh, not right now” – stop putting off life until tomorrow. You deserve to feel great today.

Results From Other Modern Health Monk Students

"So far I have lost 12 pounds in 5 days and feel cravings for carbs..."

"At first I was hesitant because I figured since things were on line, it wouldn’t work. But I’ve lost 1.5 kgs (3.5 pounds) in 3 days..."

  • “At first I was hesitant because I figured since things were on line, it wouldn’t work. But I’ve lost 1.5 kgs (3.5 pounds) in 3 days, and I don’t give up on food and exercise anymore. I love the timing of the messages, like just when you need another reminder, something new to dwell on, one zooms into my inbox. I feel like I’m part of a virtual group and that I’m not doing it alone. I have already told my mother and sister about it as well... What I love most about the program is that it focuses on psychology – because no other program I've seen does that.”
    Mallory, G., United Kingdom Modern Health Monk Student

Join The Course Today Only $99 $47

This one time payment gets you access to the course for life, including free upgrades, the private Facebook group, and email access to me. There will never be any additional charges. In case you have any questions or issues you can email for a same-day email response.

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